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Think Green - Recycle Toilet Tank Lids

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Are your toilet tank-lids chipped, cracked, broken or missing?
Are you looking for ideas on what to do with the porcelain china toilets, bowls, tanks and tops from your toilet?

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Or if you are looking for obsolete, used, vintage and old porcelain china toilet tank lids, or what to do with them, then you have come to the right place!
We are going to show you many ideas on what to do with them and we can also steer you to the best plumbing suppliers who stock and sell many used and old toilet tank lids. From manufacturers such as Standard, Kohler, Lamosa, JPI, Crane, URC, Mansfield, Western Pottery, Norris, Eljer, Briggs, Gerber, Orion, Kilgore, Murray, VitroMex, Universal Rundle, to very old Pacific and long gone plumbing companies such as Case toilets.

Don't throw those old toilets away! Recycle them by making art or functional pieces from them, or giving your old toilet tank lids to local plumbers (to resell to those who broke theirs) or there are even Internet plumbing suppliers who will buy your toilet tank lids.

Looking for a good "deal" on toilet tank lids?
Then try your local ReStore salvage centers (operated by Habitat for Humanity).
ReStore recycling centers usually have quite a few low priced toilet tank lids
salvaged toilet tank lids
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Have you looked everywhere locally and just need to get going and buy a toilet tank lid right away?

An excellent toilet tank lids supplier that we recommend and who has the World's largest toilet tank lids inventory is No one beats's inventory of over 11,000 toilet tank lids and they usually ship out your toilet tank lid within a few hours of receiving your order and another great thing is that all of's profits on their sales of toilet tank lids goes to charity.

As far as we know the worlds largest toilet salvage yard is located in the U.K. (Churt, Surrey, U.K.) The company Miscellanea Discontinued Bathroomware claims to have more than 50,000 pieces of discontinued "sanitaryware." We've confirmed that they don't have over 11,000 individual toilet tank lids and so we give that award to famous

If doesn't have the tank lid that you are looking for
and they have done their free search for you then your odds are getting very slim that you'll find it.....but
don't give up around locally as in some areas there are toilet tank lid suppliers such as these:

lots of toilet tank lids       lots of toilet tank lids
The above two pictures is just a small portion of former toilet tank lids supplier Frank Plumbing Sales Co.'s "great wall of porcelain China".
They sold these and their entire inventory of over 5,000 salvaged used replacement toilet tank covers to famous

For other ideas on how to save money when looking for tank lids
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Think Green - Recycle Toilet Tank Lids - go to local recycling and salvage centers. They may give them away to you for free, or you might be able to buy hundreds of used old tank lids for very little moneys and then glue them to a wall. What a great art piece that will be! Think how much fun that would be and what a great conversation piece. You'll be the talk of the town and you'll be helping our environment!

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Helpful ToiletTankLid Hints: If your toilet-tank lid gets broken, you do have a few choices:

1) You could buy a new toilet or if your toilet is fairly new (less than 3 years old) you might be able to buy a new toilet tank lid from a plumbing supplier.

2) You can glue the toilet cover. If it is just a chip that can be a good idea. Recognize that porcelain is glass and should the glue not hold you have a dangerous piece of glass that could cut someone.

3) A large chunk is broken off? Then we here at think it's better to take the broken toilet tank cover off and live without a tank lid (your third option). If you are gluing a shattered lid together we think it's better to live without a tank lid than to live with a glued lid (as it is generally unsafe to do so).

4) You can also make your own tank lid. A piece of solid wood can be used (we don't recommend using plywood as it tends to come unglued/apart over time with the moisture) and then use a marine grade finish on it. It might last a long time.

5) You can purchase a "fit-all" type plastic tank lid. They generally don't look that great nor fit perfectly.

6) You can possibly find a larger toilet tank lid that might work. Just call your local plumbers and ask if they have any used tank lids.

7) The best idea is to find a toilet tank lid that is identical to the one that is broken. There too, possibly call all of the local plumbers as they might have one laying around (the changes are slim but it is a possibility that one of the local plumbers will have one).

8) The easiest and we think quickest and best way to replace your broken toilet tank lid is to simply purchase a replacement lid on-line.

unique toilet tank lids toilet tank lids in all colors used and obsolete toilet tank lids broken toilet tank lids

Have a good toilet but your toilet tank lid is broken?

1) The lowest priced way to find a replacement tank lid is probably for you to visit all of your local salvage yards. They generally charge very little for a tank lid but you'll probably have to spend a lot of time searching.

2) Another low priced possibility is possibly your local landfills might have some as well (not likely but worth trying).

3) Next lowest priced way is to maybe call all of your local plumbing contractors in your area. Sometimes they will have some "old" "used" toilet tank-lids floating around which they might not see as "valuable" and they might charge very little for the "perfect" fitting toilet tank lid that you need.

4) If "time is money" for you, we believe that the largest and best supplier of porcelain china toilet tank lids, covers and tops on the Internet is of the PlumbingSupply Group. If, after you have looked everywhere, exhausted your lids search for your hard to find obsolete antique replacement toilet tank lid, then don't give up yet! We, as a service, might be able to find it for you (as your last resort as should we find your tank lid we will charge you a minimum of $85. for any tank lid that we find for you). Mail us all the details, numbers, sizes, etc. and be sure to cut out a template (best to even test it for an exact fit) if possible. Mail all info (we'll not mail anything back) to:; P.O. Box 3,217, Chico, CA 95927

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If you have a lot of toilet tank lids to dispose of then we ask that you don't put them into your regular (garbage) land fill as they don't degrade. If possible you can recycle them by selling them (click here)..

Wobbly, unsecured tank lids? If your toilet-tank lid sits loosely on top of the tank and isn't the original one that came with your toilet then you might have a problem. It's always best to have the "perfect" size/fitting toilet tank lid. There is a fix if you have a noisy toilet tank top. To keep a loose toilet-tank lid from sliding around and to quiet that annoying scraping sound, lift off the toilet tank lid, just set it aside and apply a bead of silicone caulk all the way around the top of the toilet tank rim. Let it fully dry for at least 24 hours; the new silicone "gasket" should stop the slipping and sliding, and the porcelain grinding.

For plumbing, kitchen and bath advice, we'd like to recommend the plumbing forum.

To see the most extensive and current plumbing manufacturer's address directory we highly recommend

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Coming soon.....more ideas on what to do with old toilet tank lids, as well as toilet tank art projects ideas and pictures too.

old toilet tanks make great planters
Make planters out of your old toilet tanks

Another Helpful ToiletTankLid Tip:

Always be sure to lay the toilet tank lid flat on the floor or stable table when checking your toilet.
Toilet tank-lids that are leaning against a wall have a tendency to fall or slip.

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Think Green - Recycle Tank Lids

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